Question: What types of accounts are available through the eStatement service?

Answer: Any checking or statement savings account.

Question: What types of notices can I receive electronically?

Answer: Most of the notices you receive from CSB can be sent electronically. However, there are a few that may require mailing due to banking regulations.

Questions: What if I only want to receive some of my account information electronically?

Answer: The choice of electronic or paper is always up to you. You can choose individual accounts at the sign up process.

Question: How do I sign up for eStatements and eNotices?

• Simply log on to Online Banking at
• Stop by any CSB Banking Center
• Call our Customer Service Center at 330-674-9015 or 800-654-9015

Question: Is there a fee for this service?

Answer: No, we are pleased to provide this service free to CSB customers.

Question: Do I need a special type of software for eStatements and eNotices?

Answer: No special software is needed. The service is web-based and accessible through CSB's Online Banking service. Minimum system requirements are listed in the eStatements Agreement and Disclosure, which you will see when you sign up for this service.

Question: How do I know my statement or notice is ready?

Answer: Each time you have a statement or notice ready, you will receive a notification through the email address you supplied to us during the signup process. If you change your email address, please be sure to let us know.

Question: How long will my eStatements and eNotices be available?

Answer: Statements are available for 18 months and notices for 12 months (beginning with the month in which you sign up for this service).

Question: Will I be able to view or print a copy of a check from my eStatement?

Answer: Yes, but only if you are currently receiving images of your checks with your statement.

If you are not currently receiving images with your statement, you can still view/print your checks through Online Banking. Simply select "transactions" on the drop-down menu to view up to 90 days of transactions. Locate the check number, then double-click to view the image.

Question: I don't see check images with my statement but would like to have them automatically included in the future. How do I go about getting them?

Answer: We are here to help you and can provide them to you! Please contact your local CSB Banking Center, give us a call at 330-674-9015 or 800-654-9015 or send us and email at

Question: If I don't have access to my computer for some reason, how can I get my statements and notices?

Answer: One of the nice things about eStatements is that you can get your statements and notices from anywhere you have Internet access. You do not have to be on your own computer. If you do not have access to another computer, simply contact us and we will provide you with a printed copy.

Question: If I no longer want to receive my statement and notices electronically, can I switch back?

Answer: Yes, the choice is always up to you. Simply change your preferences to paper in the eStatements tab of Online Banking and you will start receiving the printed versions in the mail.

Question: How secure is an eStatement?

Answer: CBS's Online Banking service provides our customers with powerful firewalls, encryption technology and timed log-offs after a certain period of inactivity to help ensure privacy.

Question: Can I download my statement to other software, such as Quickbooks or Quicken?

Answer: Yes, you can download your transactions to this easy to use software that allows you to manage, track and budget your spending. Save time, improve accuracy and better manage your complete financial picture. Web Connect feature through Intuit software provides you with one-way connectivity, which allows you to automatically download transactions and match them with existing transactions.

What if I need help with eStatements?

Answer: We are here to help you! Please contact your local CSB Banking Center, give us a call at 330-674-9015 or 800-654-9015 or send us an email at


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