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ACH Origination

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Electronic Payments via ACH

CSB Makes it easy!

Easy, secure deposits and receivables.
Save time, cut costs, and grow your business.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing system provides secure electronic transfers of funds between banks.


Are your employees asking for their pay to be directly deposited into their account?

Think of all the benefits of paying them through ACH:

  • Save the cost of printing a paycheck
  • No waiting for paychecks to clear for account reconciliation
  • Easy payment for employees on the road or away from home
  • No mailing the paycheck when employee is sick or on vacation
  • Inexpensive way to pay your employees


Are you placing large checks in the mail, not knowing when they will arrive? Have your vendors asked for you to pay them via ACH?

Advantages of ACH for vendor payments include:

  • Know your payment will arrive safely and efficiently
  • State what day you want the funds to arrive, from next day up to two weeks in advance. (Same day ACH is now available; additional fees and some limitations apply)
  • Vendors are pleased to receive funds electronically
  • Save cost of check and postage
  • Many accounts payable software packages include creating an ACH batch that can be uploaded to CSB


  • Move funds to/from your CSB account to your accounts at other financial institutions
  • Efficient and cost effective electronic transfer of funds


  • Efficient way to collect rental/lease income and other receivables
  • Collect your receipts on the day you want them
  • Your renters/customers are happy they do not have to write a check

All of the above is available through your business checking account with Business Online Banking.

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