Cash Management

CSB would like to offer our specialized business cash management services to you. These services are tailored to your needs, from a small family business to a large multi-location enterprise.

We will bring to your place of business a complete analysis of bank accounts with recommendations to make sure you are in the right mix of products to best suit your needs. Whether your accounts are at CSB or another financial institution, allow us to provide this service to you.

Cash Management Products

Affordable business checking accounts and a variety of savings plans:

  • Business Checking
  • Business Interest Checking (for sole proprietors, public funds, and nonprofit organizations)
  • Prestige Interest Checking (for sole proprietors, public funds, and nonprofit organizations)
  • Statement Savings
  • Money Market Savings
  • Platinum Savings
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Investment opportunities, including a sweep product for those who qualify.

Online Banking for Business

Bank for your Business 24 hours a day!

  • View account balances and activity
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • View and print copies of checks and deposit slips
  • Wire Transfers (For those that qualify)
  • Stop Payments
  • BillPay
  • Set Authorization Levels
  • Email Alerts

Business Online-ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Capabilities

Electronic banking made easy for you. Transmit your information to our Bank electronically and CSB completes the process. Services available include:

Cash Concentration

  • Transfer funds among various financial institutions

Direct Deposit of Payroll

  • Save significant costs in payroll processing while offering employees a great benefit
  • Employees can even qualify for a free checking account with "Value Checking" at CSB

Direct Debits/Accounts Receivables

Tax Payments - Federal and the State of Ohio

CSB Sweep Service

An excellent option for corporate customers who maintain a high average balance in a CSB checking account. However, CSB will pledge securities we own to you as collateral. This will allow your liquid funds earn interest.

  • Excess funds from your checking account are swept daily into an interest-earning repurchase agreement.
  • A repurchase agreement is not a deposit of The Commercial & Savings Bank and is not insured by the FDIC.
  • If you have a Line of Credit with CSB, we are also able to transfer funds directly between your Line of Credit and checking account.

Account Analysis

This service offers a way to possibly reduce your account fees. We take into consideration your balances in all of your checking accounts at CSB to offset fees. See us for complete details.

Positive Pay

With today's technology, check fraud is on the rise as it is easier to replicate checks. CSB's Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool we offer to our business customers .

  • This service will allow CSB to match the account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against the list of checks authorized by your company.
  • If a check presented does not match CSB will not honor it.

To reduce the possibility of check fraud, losses and liability to your company, contact our cash management team today.

Courier Services (Subject To Approval)

This service is offered to large loan and deposit business customers that do not have a CSB Banking Center located near their place of business. CSB's courier service will pick up deposits directly from your business. Currency orders can also be placed when using our courier service.

Corporate Credit Cards (Subject to Approval)

CSB Corporate Credit Cards provide our corporate customer the convenience of cash day or night throughout the world. Your card is readily accepted for purchases where checks are not and may be used to access cash at ATMs.

Merchant Credit Card Services

CSB's Merchant Credit Card Services allows your business to accept credit and debit cards for payment from your customers. Allow us the opportunity to quote you our fees. We believe you will find them very reasonable.

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