General Fee Schedule

ATM/Debit Card Replacement for Lost Card: $5.00

Check Cashing (Charged to non-customers only): $10.00

Checking & Savings Early Closing (Within 90 days of opening account): $40.00

Christmas Club Early Closing & Per Withdrawal Penalty: $10.00 

Coin Service (Charged to noncustomers only)

Coin Counting: $.12 per $1.00

Coin Purchasing (Rolled coin): $.25 per roll

Collection Items

Canadian Checks Deposited 

(In U.S. dollars): $10.00 per check

(In Canadian dollars): $10.00 per check

All Other Foreign Checks: Correspondent Bank Fee + $10.00 per check

Levy/Garnishments/Subpoena: $50.00 + $.25 per page

Withholding Order: $5.00 per occurrence

Counter Checks: $1.00 per check

Dormant Account: $5.00 per month after notification

Dormant Account Escheat Fee if Sent to State: $25.00

Excess Debit Fee (fee for each transfer and/or withdrawal in excess of six (6) per monthly statement cycle in money market and savings accounts in accordance

with Regulation D limits): $2.00 per excess debit

Facsimile (Fax): $3.00 first page

Additional Pages: $1.00

Foreign Currency Purchase or Exchange: $20.00 + Correspondent Bank Fee

Health Savings Account Special Circumstances:

Corrected IRS Filing (Conducted by CSB on your behalf): $25.00

Excess Contribution Distribution (Conducted by CSB on your behalf):$25.00

IRA Early Closing of Plan (New customer closed within one year of opening): $50.00

Lost Passbook Replacement: $5.00

Night Depository Bag with Key: $25.00 per bag

Notary Service (Charged to noncustomers only): Maximum allowed by law

Official Checks

Cashier’s Check: $8.00

Money Order: $5.00 

Noncustomer (Money Orders Only): $8.00

Money Order Stop Payment Fee: $32.00

Overdraft Paid & NSF Return Items: $32.00 per item

Photocopies: $1.00 per copy

Research: $25.00 per hour

Returned Deposit Item or Returned Cashed Check: $10.00

Safe Deposit Boxes (Contact your local CSB Banking Center for prices and availability)

Loss of Safe Deposit Box Key or Drilling of Box: Locksmith Fee

Signature Guarantee: $10.00

Special Handling (Two signatures required on account, etc.): $5.00 per month

Statement Balancing (When you request CSB to assist): $25.00 per hour

Statement Copy (If you need a replacement issued): $5.00

Stop Payment: $32.00

Through CSB Online Banking: $25.00

Wire Transfers:

Outgoing Wire: $25.00

Through CSB Online Banking: $20.00

International Wire: 

(In U.S. Currency): $40.00

(In Foreign Currency):$40.00

Incoming Wire: $15.00

Noncustomers: $30.00