Business Debit Card

A CSB Business Debit Card is a card that works like a check. As purchases or withdrawals are made with the card, money is deducted directly from your business checking account. CSB Business Debit Cards can be a powerful tool for your business, offering the accessibility and control necessary to take care of business anytime, anywhere.

How Does Your Business Debit Card Work?

  • Debit Card activities appear on your monthly statements, eliminating cash transactions that are often overlooked
  • You may assign up to ten (10) additional cards to your employees, giving them the power to complete point of sale transactions, ATM transactions, or both.
  • There are no annual fees or interest charges
  • Application subject to approval

Change Debit Card PIN

There are two methods available to change your debit card PIN:

Customers who know their PIN

  • At the ATM
  • By calling 330-674-9015 or 1-800-654-9015

Customers who do not know their PIN

  • Please call the ATM/Debit Card Department at 330-674-9015 or 800-654-9015

Extra Helpful Hints

When traveling out of the country, please notify us if you plan on using your debit card. Otherwise, your card will most likely be blocked from use as a security precaution.  You may call 330-674-9015 or 800-654-9015 to provide us with your travel plans along with your departure and return dates.

Call or visit your local CSB office for more details.

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