Personal Debit Card

With your CSB Debit Card, you can enjoy greater banking and shopping convenience without the hassles of checks or credit cards. At the same time, you have quick and easy access to cash and your CSB checking account 24 hours a day. All with one amazing card!

An easier way to shop.

  • Pay for purchases at millions of locations around the world that Visa® is accepted. Department stores, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and more.
  • Safer than carrying cash. Easier than writing checks. And unlike credit cards, there are no monthly bills or finance charges.
  • Saves you money – there are no annual fees!

An easier way to bank.

  • Access your CSB account, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Get instant cash at thousands of ATM locations displaying the Pulse® or PLUS® network symbols.
  • With your CSB Debit Card you can make purchases at retailers wherever Visa® is accepted or you see the Pulse® or PLUS® symbols.
  • With your CSB Debit Card you have access to your checking and savings accounts 24 hours a day, anywhere you see the Pulse®, PLUS® or VISA® symbols.

Cash in a flash

Your CSB Debit Card allows you access to cash at ATMs throughout the world, wherever you see the Pulse® or PLUS® symbols. Your new card will allow you to withdraw up to $415 a day from your checking or saving account at ATMs. You can even make ATM deposits (at select locations) throughout Ohio.

Honored wherever Visa® is accepted

Your CSB Debit Card allows you to pay for purchases directly from your checking account, up to $2,000 per day, without writing a check. You may find that some merchants ask if you want your card ran through as a debit or a credit. The choice is up to you and both will deduct your purchase amount directly from your checking account. The difference between debit and credit is as follows:

  • Debit — Your PIN is required for a debit transaction and some merchants allow you to receive cash back when you are making a purchase.
  • Credit — Your signature is required for credit transactions and no PIN is necessary. You cannot receive cash back from a credit transaction.

Enhanced fraud security watch

You can feel even more comfortable using your CSB Debit Card. Your card is protected by a strong anti-fraud security system, which will alert you of any suspicious transactions that appear to be fraudulent in nature.

Change Debit Card PIN

There are two methods available to change your debit card PIN:

Customers who know their PIN

  • At the ATM
  • By calling 330-674-9015 or 1-800-654-9015

Customers who do not know their PIN

  • Please call the ATM/Debit Card Department at 330-674-9015 or 800-654-9015

Extra Helpful Hints

There are no CSB fees when you make Debit Card purchases within the United States. However, there may be a fee for any withdrawal or transfer made at an ATM not owned by CSB.

Forget to write down your purchase amount? Don't worry! Just be sure to use our Online Banking Service. This internet banking product works well with the Debit card enabling our customers to view their account transactions online immediately.

Let Us Know When You Are Traveling. 

When traveling out of the country, please notify us if you plan on using your debit card. Otherwise, your card will most likely be blocked from use as a security precaution. You may call 330-674-9015 or 800-654-9015 to provide us with your travel plans along with your departure and return dates.

When traveling to Pennsylvania, New York & Florida, we also ask that you notify us. This is due to the high amount of fraudulent transactions we have seen in these two states. For those states, your debit card will work for PIN based transactions, such as at ATMs and merchants that utilize a PIN pad for debit. Your card will work when you use your signature (credit) for purchases $300 and less at merchants. Purchases with signature above $300 will not be approved unless you notify us of your travel plans.

We apologize for the inconvenience this could cause and want you to know we take the protection of your money very seriously.

Call or visit your local CSB office for more details.

Application subject to approval.

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