Security Alerts

Think Before You Click! 

Beware of phishing attempts.

What are the latest scams and how can you protect yourself?

  1. Be on the lookout for "Shipping Problem" emails that look like they are coming from FedEx, UPS or the US Mail. The email claims they tried to deliver a package from a particular company (for instance Apple Computer) but could not, due to an incomplete address. They instruct you to "Please click on the link to correct the address and you will get your package." DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. If you do your computer is likely to get infected with malware, which is software or an application designed to steal data or compromise your system. Warn everyone in the family, especially teenagers.
  2. Watch out for alerts via text message to your smartphone that appear to be from those same companies; FedEx, UPS or the US Mail. You will be asked to "confirm delivery" by providing them with personal information. Do not reply or enter any information.
  3. Another newer scam involves a fake refund that appears to be coming from a major retailer. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS within this type of email. The email states there was a "wrong transaction" or similar words and asks you to "click for refund" but instead, your device will be infected with malware.

As we always recommend - "Think Before You Click!"

Check Scams

If someone you don’t know wants to pay you by check but wants you to wire some of the money back, beware! It’s a scam that could cost you thousands of dollars.

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Account Hijacking & Identity Theft

The fastest growing form of identity theft is Account Hijacking, and can it have devastating effects. Account hijacking occurs when a criminal obtains your personal banking information and uses it to take over your bank accounts. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

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Online Banking, Data Security & You

Online banking has grown rapidly into a major new way to bank. Some surveys show more people prefer to bank online than in the traditional ways. This phenomenal growth has been accompanied by increases in the safety and security measures undertaken by banks and their customers. But cyber-criminals are always looking for new ways to electronically break into the bank and steal your money.

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