Overdraft Services

For worry-free checking, add one or more of our Overdraft Protection Services to your account. Should an overdraft occur, CSB automatically and confidentially pays your overdraft by using one or more of the following:

Savings Overdraft Protection

This service allows you to automatically cover overdrafts by transferring funds directly from your CSB savings account in $50 increments.

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Overdraft Protection Credit Line

If approved for this service, you will be given a Line-of-Credit loan that you can use to cover your overdrafts up to your line limit.

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Rather than the possibility of returning unpaid, nonsufficient funds, CSB will consider payment of reasonable overdrafts up to an assigned limit.

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Multiple Overdraft Protection Services

You may use one, two or all three of the services. If you choose more than one overdraft protection service, they would work in the following order:

  • Savings Overdraft Protection
  • Overdraft Protection Credit Line
  • Overdraft Privilege

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