Savings Overdraft Protection

Sign up for this service and we will automatically cover any overdrafts by transferring funds from your CSB savings account.

How Does Savings Overdraft Protection Work?

If your checking account becomes overdrawn, we will automatically transfer enough funds from your CSB savings account to cover the overdraft. Transfers will be made in $50 increments. For example, if you are overdrawn $108.53, we will transfer $150.00 to your checking account.

Is There a Fee for This Service?

Yes, your checking account will be charged a fee of $5.00 each time you use this service.

How Do I Sign Up for This Service?

Simply ask for this service at any of our Banking Centers and we will get you signed up right away. We would also be happy to assist you with this over the phone and mail the authorization to you. However, if handling over the phone, please remember the service will not be put into place until the signed authorization form is returned to CSB.

Are There Any Other Requirements or Limits?

The savings account must list at least one of the same owners as that which is listed on the checking account.

Government regulations limit savings customers to no more than six (6) electronic withdrawals per month. These withdrawals include Internet banking, phone banking, automatic transfers, and transfers associated with the Savings Overdraft Protection Service.

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