Phone Banking FAQ

I know that I need an account number and a personal identification number to inquire on my account. However, the first time that I call into the system, I will not have an established PIN number. How will this work?

The first time that you call the Phone Banking to inquire on your account, you will need to know the last four digits of the social security number of the name that appears first on your account. Keep in mind that for joint accounts, this will be the last four digits of the social security number of the first name that appears in the account heading. Additionally, in instances where you have joint accounts, joint account holders will share the same personal identification number. Your joint account holders will need to communicate this to all parties. Additionally, Phone Banking will not allow an account to choose the last four digits of the account's social security number as their PIN.

What will happen if when I call into the system, I do not know the last four digit numbers of the social security number tied to my account?

Well, that depends. If you make three attempts to try and "figure out" what the last four digits of the social security number are, and all three attempts are incorrect, the system will lock the account. An account will be locked for incorrectly entering a PIN 3 times. You will need to contact a banking center to have the account and PIN reset. If you make no attempt to try and "figure out" what the last four digits of the social security number are, you may simply hang up and there will be no adverse affects on the account.

Can a customer change their PIN number?

Yes, a customer has the ability to change their PIN number at their discretion. Additionally, the bank will never, under any circumstances, have access to a customer's PIN number.

What happens if I forget my inquiry PIN number?

This is no problem. 1) We will establish your identity. 2) Obtain your account number, and account type (checking, savings, etc.). 3) CSB will reset the PIN for you. The reset feature, resets your PIN number back to the last four digits of the primary account owner's social security number. Once this is done, the next time that the you call into the system, it will treat you as a first time caller, prompting you to enter the last four digits of your social security number and forcing you to choose a new four digit PIN number.

What will happen if my customer's personal identification number is compromised?

Customers can contact the bank and request that your PIN be reset to the last 4 digits of your SS#.

When I call in for a balance inquiry, will it give me my balance as of today or as of last night processing?

Both actually. The balance is read from the Current Balance field giving the ending balance at previous business day and the Available Balance field, which is reflective of the current balance plus or minus any memo posted items. A disclosure will also be listed explaining how our overdraft services may be included in this balance. (See below for an example of the message.)

"Please note that your available balance may include funds from any overdraft privilege service or overdraft line of credit protection. Your current balance is _______. Your available balance is _______."

I tried to transfer funds from my checking account to my savings account and the system said that there were no accounts to transfer funds to. What does this mean?

A husband and wife may have a checking and savings account. On the checking account the husband may be primary owner and on the savings account the husband may be the joint owner. In this case we would need to force the accounts together.

How far back does the Xpress Phone Banking show history?

Customers can typically inquire on the last 60 transactions or 45 days worth of history for checking and savings accounts.

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