CSB Text Banking

With CSB Text banking you can access several banking services through your mobile device using SMS messaging. If you can receive text messages on your phone, you can use CSB Text/SMS Banking to quickly access account information and make transfers.

Use simple text message commands to access your account information from almost any Text/SMS supported phone:

  • Retrieve Account Balances
  • Get Recent Transactions
  • Transfer Funds between Accounts

Enroll in Text Banking through the CSB Mobile Banking App on your smart phone or tablet by clicking "Text Banking" and following the prompts.

  • Don't have a smart phone or tablet? You can enroll at any CSB Banking Center-they have paper applications available!

Once enrolled simply text commands to 39257

Text Commands

  • BAL – Receive account balances for all accounts enrolled.
  • BAL [nickname] – Receive the account balance of the nicknamed account.
    Example: Bal Chkg
  • HIST – Returns the history for all accounts enrolled.
  • HIST [nickname] – Returns the history for that account.
    Example: Hist Chkg
  • XFER [from last four of account] [to last four of acct] [amount] – Transfers funds between two accounts.
    Example: XFER 1234 6789 25.00
  • XFER [from acct nickname 1] [to acct nickname 2] [amount] – Transfers funds between two accounts.
    Example: XFER Chkg Svgs 25.00
  • HELP – Returns a list of available commands and customer service information.
  • STOP – Will suspend the account from two way text banking.
  • Balance Alerts– Daily Balance Alerts, Balance Threshold Alerts, and Monthly Balance Alerts available.
Mobile Banking FAQs

CSB Text Banking is a secure platform designed to make your life simpler. The safety and security of your accounts is our top priority. View our Customer Education tips to learn more about staying safe through mobile.

Customer Education

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