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CSB is proud to be recognized by ERC, for the 5th year in a row, as one of Northeast Ohio's 99 best places to work for top talent.

NorthCoast 99 recognizes great places to work for top performing people that drive results, provide competitive advantages, and allow businesses to innovate and grow. Applicants are evaluated based on policies and practices related to the attraction and retention of top performers, as well as data collected from employee surveys.

NorthCoast 99 is an annual recognition program that honors 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio. Check out to learn more. The program is presented by ERC ( ). ERC helps organizations create great workplaces by providing HR resources, training, and consulting services.

Current Openings

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CSB’s culture is undeniably tied to our vision, which is to become a company of enduring greatness . We believe that in order to be great, we must first have a commitment to excellence in our everyday work. But in order to be enduringly great, we must sustain greatness for many generations, which can only occur through talented, valued, and engaged employees. 

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"I wish you all the best in your career journeys"

- Marc Harvey

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Our employees are not only encouraged, but they are rewarded when they serve beyond the walls of CSB. We serve on boards, we volunteer, and we give financially - all for the places we love.

"I'd invite you to explore the career opportunities banking can provide and the impact you can have on your community."

- Brett Gallion

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CSB employees enjoy many perks. We value our team members and offer employee benefits including:

"I've grown immensely in my profession thanks to the experience I have had here, and look forward to continuing my professional growth there at CSB."

- Isaac Gallion

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We believe in hiring people for a career not simply an individual job. Since no two career paths are the same, you can expect individualized professional development opportunities to help you reach your long-term goals.


"At CSB professional development is encouraged and I have taken many steps to development myself personally and professionally"

- Zach Didinger

Employee Testimonials

"This is a wonderful role and I'm very glad to be here."

- Ciara Powers

We asked our employees:

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We provide a 401(k) plan for employees who are age 21 or over and have completed 90 days of service. Through our matching plan, your contributions go further towards your retirement goals.

CSB supports you with competitive health, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, and group life insurance plans. These are available for full-time employees. We also offer vision insurance for all employees.

Whether your goal is smoking cessation, being emotionally healthy, or simply getting a flu shot, we partner with local providers to ensure you have key resources to live a full and healthy life.

Incentive Compensation
Annually, at the discretion of our Board of Directors, CSB rewards employees for reaching individual and corporate goals with compensation above and beyond their base wage.

Professional Development
We believe in hiring people for a career not simply an individual job. Since no two career paths are the same, you can expect individualized professional development opportunities to help you reach your long-term goals.

Our in-house support staff ensures you have the tools necessary to succeed at your job. We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure to promote efficiency and enhancement of our employee and customer experience.

Profit Sharing
Annually, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, CSB makes profit sharing contributions to employees’ 401(k) accounts. The amount is a percentage of an employee’s wage and follows the same vesting schedule as the 401(k) match.

Paid Time Off
Time away from work for refreshment, recreation, and renewal is essential. We provide paid vacation and sick time for employees to step away from their daily duties with compensation. The amount of vacation time varies based on years of service.

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CSB is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For someone to be considered an applicant, they must apply online for a particular position for which there is an opening, must meet the basic qualifications for such position, and must not remove themselves from consideration.