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Cash Management

We support businesses of all sizes, and our goal is to help ensure your finances run smoothly.

Are you ready to offer direct deposit of payroll to your employees?

We can help.

Are you concerned about check fraud?

We have a solution for that, too.

We work to understand the needs of your business and recommend a mix of products to best serve you; bringing together technology and personalized customer service.

Cash Management Products & Services

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Electronic Payments via ACH

CSB Makes it Easy!

Easy, secure deposits and receivables.
Save time, cut costs, and grow your business.

ACH helps you move your money more efficiently.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing system provides secure electronic transfers of funds between banks.



Are your employees asking for their pay to be directly deposited into their account?

Think of all the benefits of paying employees through ACH:

  • Save the cost of printing a paycheck
  • No waiting for paychecks to clear for account reconciliation
  • Easy payment for employees on the road or away from home
  • No mailing the paycheck when employee is sick or on vacation


Are you placing large checks in the mail, not knowing when they will arrive? Have your vendors asked for you to pay them via ACH?

Advantages of ACH for vendor payments include:

  • Reduced printing and processing, saving time and resources
  • Save cost of check and postage
  • Increased security- The risk of human error and fraud (in your office, the post office, and the vendor's office) are drastically reduced. 
  • Improved cash flow management- Choose the day you want the funds to arrive, from next day up to two weeks in advance. Same day ACH is available; additional fees and some limitations apply.
  • Many accounts payable software packages include the option to create an ACH file that can be uploaded to CSB Business Online Banking for processing


  • Move funds to/from your CSB account to your accounts at other financial institutions
  • Efficient and cost effective electronic transfer of funds


  • Improved cash flow management- Choose the dates of the month you want to receive funds
  • Provides convenient payment option for customers (rent, monthly memberships, church tithes, donations)
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Deposits Made via Remote Deposit Capture 
CSB Makes it Easy!

Save time, money, and be more efficient! Make deposits from your place of business!


Remote Deposit Capture

There is no need to run to the bank to make a deposit. With CSB Remote Deposit Capture, you can scan checks directly from your office and transmit your deposit to your CSB account. You receive same day availability of funds, just like depositing in person. You can also accept payment over the phone with CSB Remote Deposit Capture.


Short staffed? No time for you to take the deposit? Are you only making a deposit once or twice a week?

It only takes a few minutes to make your deposit daily!

  • Scan your customer checks from your office and receive same day availability in your CSB Checking Account.
  • Deposit to any of your CSB Business Checking Accounts.
  • Have multiple locations? You can utilize multiple scanners to deposit to one or multiple CSB accounts.
  • CSB provides the scanner - no equipment to buy.


Need to quickly see information about your deposits? Want to effortlessly stay informed of your transaction activity?

You have deposit information available at your fingertips

  •  View and/or print any check you deposited in the past.
  • Standard daily deposit reports available
  • Customize a report to sort by business location or account


Do you require remittance coupons with customer payments?

Ask about CSB’s Remote Deposit Plus Service!

  • Scan the coupon and customer check together at one time.
  • Remote Deposit Plus deposits the check directly into your CSB Checking Account and also creates a file to post the payment to your accounting system.

You will receive personalized, onsite training and ongoing support.

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Sweep Services

Why should you spend time moving your money around every day? CSB will transfer your funds between your accounts to maximize your return and reduce your fees. You make the investment and write the checks - we'll do the rest. 


  • If your checking account needs collected funds at the end of the day, an automatic transfer will be drawn on your line of credit. No overdrafts!
  • If your account has extra collected funds at the end of the day, an automatic transfer will be made to pay down the line - saving you interest expense!
  • If your account has extra collected funds at the end of the day, an automatic transfer will be made to your sweep account- earning you interest!
  • U.S. Government and Agency securities are pledged against the balance of funds in excess of a target balance.
  • This sweep account is not a deposit account and not insured by FDIC.
  • If your account has extra collected funds at the end of the day, an automatic transfer will be made to your investment account - earning you interest!
  • This account is a deposit account covered by FDIC insurance up to standard coverage amounts.


  • Your funds are automatically managed between your primary business checking account and a secondary sweep account.
  • Any excess collected funds can be transferred to an investment product, a repurchase agreement, or a line of credit.
  • Need those funds the next day? No problem! Funds will be swept back into your checking account to cover payments.
  • Funds transfer in $10,000 increments.
  • You can write checks and make deposits to your business checking account without the hassle of making manual transfers.
Other terms, fees, and restrictions may apply. Subject to credit approval.

Let us help determine which sweep product is best for you!

*A Repurchase Agreement is not a deposit of CSB and is not insured by the FDIC, but CSB will pledge securities as collateral. 

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Positive Pay Services

Protect Your Business Checking Account!

CSB Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool to help identify check & Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraudulent activity.


Are you concerned about check fraud?
  • Upload your check runs through CSB Business Online Banking.
  • As checks are presented to the Bank, the system will verify each check against your issued item list.
  • All checks presented that do not match your issued item list will be flagged as exceptions for you to review. You will have the option to either approve or reject the exception items. 


Do you want to control who can debit your account? 
  • Provide a list of companies authorized to debit your business checking account via ACH.
  • As ACH debits are presented against your account, CSB will verify the companies with your authorized list.
  • Transactions from any company/organization not on your list will be presented as exceptions for you to review and either approve or reject.
Other terms, fees, and restrictions may apply.

Protect your account. Call us today! 

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Account Analysis 

Reduce your account fees! We take into consideration the balances in all of your non-interest bearing business checking accounts at CSB to offset fees. See us for complete details.

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CSB Merchant Services

Payment solutions for every business need. 

Accept credit and debit cards payments from your customers. We offer solutions for your office or on the go.

Competitive Rates

No surprises, no hidden fees. We offer competitive pricing for your payment processing and equipment.

Latest Technology

From full back-office management systems to mobile apps, we will ensure you have the newest technology to keep your business running efficiently.

Solutions for All Merchants

One size doesn't fit all. If you're a bustling retailer, a quiet café, a manufacturer, a place of worship or a local non-profit organization, we have the right product for the way you work.

No Contracts

We do not require a contract term or mandatory monthly minimums.

Contact us for a quote!

Learn More About Merchant Services   Contact Your Local Expert!

Additional Business Banking Services

Business Credit Cards

Make purchases at the millions of locations where Visa® is accepted. You can also provide your employees with a corporate card, with individual limits, and convenient statement options.

Digital Banking for Businesses
Do your banking whenever you need to, wherever you are, quickly and conveniently, on whatever platform you choose. We put technology to good use, offering you multiple options for maximum efficiency, expediency, and security. 

Online Wire Services

With Online Wires you can setup, edit, or initiate one-time or recurring wire transfers all from the convenience of your computer.

EDI Translation

If your company receives electronic deposits with payment details attached, we can translate this information in a readable format and deliver the information to you inside CSB Business Online Banking

Learn more.

Speak to a Cash Management Representative.

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