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Bud serves as Senior Vice President, Senior Loan Officer. He joined the Bank in 2001 as a Commercial Lender and was promoted to First Vice President, Senior Loan Officer in 2006. 

Bud is a board member for the Hardwood Furniture Guild and the Harvest Ridge Events Center. He serves as chairman on his church finance committee and enjoys coaching softball and bowling. Fun fact about Bud - he enjoys bowling himself and has bowled four 300 games and an 800 series. 

Bud continues to supply leadership for our commercial lending team in promoting customized service and convenience for our business customers across our entire market area. Bud's favorite loan product is the business operating line of credit.  

"This is my favorite product because it helps our customers fund their daily operations including buying inventory, funding accounts receivable, and paying short term expenses, like payroll. This product helps the customer fund their day to day operations while they are converting their working assets back into cash." 

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